Cabins for two I Pedestrian access

Comfort in forest

Looking for a ready to camp accommodation? Enjoy the pleasures of camping and the comfort of our new cabins. Affordable glamping in Bonaventure. Small modern and stylish cabin with a queen sized bed. Two persons capacity. Parking nearby with an access to the cabins only for pedestrians. Camping without setting up a tent and no traffic.

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Campground at Bonaventure

Wooded campsites, Bonaventure, Gaspésie

Cime Aventures offers campsites with running water and a shelter! Enjoy the water activities on the Bonaventure river, the community hall Wagamet, shows, the brand new playground for the kids and the access to the Bonaventure river.

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Site with ready-to-camp cabin

Perfect marriage between camping in the woods and cozy comfort. A small cabin at Bonaventure ready to welcome you on your campsite. Those cabins are for campers, they do not have any bedding, towels and blankets/comforters. You will need to use the washroom facilities. 

Cabins for two people.

Pets are allowed only in the cabins 70a, 70b, 57a, 59a, and 79a.

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Riverside cabins for two

No need to set-up your tent; Spend the night in one of our new cabin next to the river! Those cabins are for people use to camping; they have no bedding, towels and blankets. You will need to use the washroom facilities of the camping site.

Cabins for two people.

Pets are not allowed in this area of the site.

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Family sized cabins

“A unique experience”

Our Family sized cabins are on stilts and tucked between the trees offer an unforgettable stay. The comfort of “glamping” in the calm of the beautiful gaspesian forest.

Sagittaire, Capricorne, Licorne, Pégase and Oiseaux du paradis offer one big commune room and are pet free.

Vénus, Orion, Atlantis and Cassiopée offer two smaller rooms and allow for pets to stay.

Check the interactive map to choose an available unit according to your needs.

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Turnkey camping in a yurt

« Unique experience! »

The Yurt offers a unique experience with a view on the river. Can welcome 4 persons. Curfew is at 23:00.

Pets are not allowed in this area

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