Our 2020 realizations

Summer 2020 was our busiest summer yet. Lodging and activities were booked much more in advance than we had seen in the past. Our sanitary measures have proven to be working as we have had no Covid-19 case, in the team or among our guests.

Our 2021 advices

  • Plan your Québec outdoor adventures soon, availabilities are limited.
  • Plan longer stays in your chosen destinations, take time to relax and insure it’s easier to respect the sanitary protocols in place.

We appreciate you reading about the measures that we have put in place, tips on travel preparation, what supplies to bring along and the code of ethics to be observed during your stay.

We aim to make your stay here a highlight of your 2021 summer. We are enthusiast and confident. We can’t wait to see you!

Our protocols for the health and security of all

Team Cime Aventures is dedicated to respecting the physical distancing ans sanitation guidelines in place with the upmost seriousness, and we ask that you do the same for the well-being of all.

  • Flexible cancellation policy : If the governement do not permit your stay in the Gaspesie, or if you have symptoms and must cancel your reservation, you will not be financially impacted by us. Your vacation plans are disrupted because of another reason related to the Pandemic? We will modify the dates of your stay at no charge with no expiration dates.
  • The wearing of a mask is mandatory in buses. HAVE YOUR OWN MASK
  • Check in and signature online
  • No paper exchange of any kind at the front desk
  • Exterior front desk kiosk
  • 18 hand washing and disinfection stations
  • Physical distancing signage in all common areas
  • Repeated cleaning and disinfection of sanitary blocks 8 times daily
  • Removal of bedding and towel rental service, please bring your own
  • Disinfection by pulverization of equipment, accessories for rent and buses after each use
  • 2020 season : Closing of restaurant, pool and aerial obstacle course
  • Maximum number of occupants in the Eco-lodges and the Yurt : 4 people


Our helpful tips for your travels

  • In general, anticipate long pauses, movement promotes virus propagation. Take the time to experience more and visit less. Pay ode to the slow mode. You’ll get a taste for it!
  • Your reservations are made, but you would like to revise or modify your itineray to prolong your trip? The majority of tourist companies have relaxed their policies and will be in the position to accomodate you.
  • Re Verify your booking to avoid any surprises on arrival :
    • Does the schedule work?
    • Do you know what equipment is required?
    • Do you need to rent equipment?
    • Have you sign the online form?
    • Find out about the organizations you will be visiting
  • Plan the menu for your entire stay. Why not take the opportunity to do it with the kids. Many restaurants and retailers are innovating their contactless pick-up service and are even delivering to campsites and holiday establishments. It will be more preparation, but if it’s any consolation, it is more work for everyone during a pandemic.
  • Save your itinary on your phone. It makes an excellent alternative to exchanges and uses of paper.


Our advices for your Luggage

We trust that you are already packing pros. In addition to your regular travel essentials, here are some important items to remember :

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Personnal protection barrier mask
  • All purpose cleaner spray : disinfect your campsite’s water intake, car doors, picnic tables in stop areas
  • Paper towels (A great firestarter after use!)
  • A tablecloth for your campsite picnic table
  • If you have them, bring your own life jackets, paddles and water shoes. Your equipment fits you best and won’t have to disinfect it!
  • Bring more clothes to avoid laundries. Less virus propagation, but above all, less washing while traveling! No one is going to complain!

When you reserve with us, you must accept this code of conduct.

Prevention and safety measures are everyone’s concern. As a Cime Aventures client, you have an important role to play in ensuring that the public health recommendations that seek to limit virus propagation are respected. Help us in our efforts to see to the secure and respectful cohabitation of everyone on our site. 

This, like all the regulations, can be modified on short notice. 

AT ALL TIMES: PROHIBITION FROM PRESENTING ONESELF AT CIME AVENTURES of anyone positive for COVID-19, or who believes they have been in contact with a person declared positive.

If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 while camping: 

  1. Leave the premises
  2. Immediately notify management who will initiate the appropriate protocol.
  3. Contact the ministry of Public Health at 1 877 644-4545 and comply with their directives, particularly regarding quarantine measures.

As a visitor, I agree to respect the following rules:

(in addition to any order or directive from a public authority.)

  1. No guest or visitor is allowed on the campsites or at the accommodation units. Only the persons identified as being part of the reservation have access to the establishment.
  2. At all times, compliance with hygiene measures and instructions for physical distancing according to the public health rules in place.
  3. Access prohibited to recreational areas and common buildings. Ban on organizing or participating in social gatherings, regardless of the site.
  4. Wearing a mandatory mask on buses at all times and in all common areas where physical distancing is not practical
  5. Respect for the distance indicators in the queues
  6. Pets: kept on a leash at all times. Avoid contact with other animals or other campers.
  7. All government regulations not specified in this contract remain in effect.

***Failure to comply with any of these regulations is a serious offense which may lead to immediate expulsion and termination of the contract, without compensation or reimbursement***

If you are a witness to a breach of these rules of conduct, please avoid confrontation, and report the situation to management..


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