Are you traveling with your dog? Are you looking for an activity where dogs are allowed? We accept pets during our activities and in many of our accommodations.

We understand the importance of having unforgettable moments on the water and in nature with your pet, which is why we have put in place the necessary conditions to ensure a positive experience for all our visitors.

To ensure the comfort of all our visitors, here are some guidelines for people responsible for pets. Anyone who violates any of these rules is likely to have to leave the premises immediately and without reimbursement.

Guide dogs and certified assistance dogs are allowed anywhere, anytime.

On the river:

  • Mandatory muzzle for bus transport for all descents ;
  • Pets are allowed in canoes or kayaks only. They are not allowed in inflatable boats ;
  • The owner of a domestic animal is the only person responsible for the reaction and behavior of his animal in the boat ;
  • In the case of an evacuation requested for the behavior of a pet, the evacuation costs will be entirely the responsibility of the owner ;
  • If a person taking the bus at the same time as a pet is allergic, Cime Aventures will have to make arrangements to accommodate each party, and this could cause changes for pet owners;
  • The excrement must be placed in a bag and then kept until the end of the journey where there are garbage cans. There is no trash on the river, and it is a drinking water river.

In the accommodations:

Pets, on a leash and under supervision, are accepted at all times on the site!

  • Pets are allowed in campsites sector 31 and above and in cabins 80 to 88 sector, including cabins 57a, 59a, 70a, 70b and 79a. They are also allowed in the family cabins (Orion, Venus, Atlantis and Cassiopée) ;
  • A maximum of two pets are accepted per accommodation unit ;
  • A $25 fee for the stay in a family cabin and in a ready-to-camp cabin is charged for maintenance reasons ;
  • You must pick up and dispose of their needs during your stay ;
  • When making your reservation, you must sign online the contract of acceptance of the rules of supervision related to pets on the site.

Muzzle is mandatory during bus transportation for all activities.

Dogs must be on a leash at all times.

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