At Cime Aventures, safety is of our utmost concern. Cime Aventures operates as one of the founding members of the ‘Association Ecotourisme Québec’ and works in collaboration with the ‘Fédération Québécoise de Canot et Kayak’ in order to make sure its guides and patrollers meet the required security norms and requirements established in the industry.

Our guides and patrollers ensure your safety. With their knowledge of the river, the fauna, the flora along with their training, they are there for you at all times. This greatly enhances your experience on the Bonaventure River.

General warning:

There are certain inherent risks to kayaking and canoeing. Cime Aventures is very proactive when it comes to risk management. Many tools are at your disposal in order for you to choose the adequate level of difficulty for your outing. That being said, a waiver form demonstrating acceptance and recognition of risks will be given to you before the start of the activity. It is an informative document which you will have to sign if you wish to take part in the activity.

Independent Expedition Warning:

Before renting material and/or traveling to a location for an independent expedition, Cime Aventures checks the equipment and skill levels of each participant. The following document lists the skills and equipment that Cime Aventures deems essential for a safe and secure passage in certain sections of the river. Also, this document lists the roles that Cime Aventures plays in case of emergency. Participants will also have to fill out a waiver form demonstrating an acceptance and recognition of risks.

Additional mandatory skills and equipment


Self-guided from Lac Bonaventure, Coupe-feu, Km 85, Big Ouest

Cime Aventures inc. requires all parties wanting to rent gear and/or a shuttle in order to paddle the Bonaventure river to have the following skills and equipment within their group:

  • Level III FQCK or equivalent:
  • Intermediate canoeist
    * Able to perform basic manoeuvres in class II and III white water
    * Able to perform front and back ferries in class III water
  • Swift water rescue level II FQCK or equivalent:
    * Able to swim class III white water
    * Able to perform z-drag hauling system for rescue purposes
    * Able to perform rescue of swimmer or lost boat in class III white water
  • Wilderness first aid skills:
    * 40 hours wilderness first responder + CPR

Mandatory equipment:

  • Canoe with flotation and bailing system (solo boats preferred)
  • Bow and stern lines
  • Paddles with spare(s)
  • Life jacket
  • Wet or dry suit
  • Whistle
  • Knife
  • 1 throw bag minimum per canoe
  • Swift water rescue equipment:
    * 4 carabiners (2 lockers, 2 non-lockers)
    * 4 prussik ropes (5mm, 80cm)
    * Tubular webbing (2 x 2.5cm x 2m)
    * Pulleys (optional)
  • Repair kit:
    * Duck tape
    * Plyers
    * Philips screw driver
    * Bailing wire
    * Parachute cord 3 mm x 10m
    * Stainless screws/bolts/washers
    * Wrap straps x 20
    * Webbing 1 inch x 5m
  • First aid kit : Should have everything needed to treat any type of incident for 24 hours

Strongly recommended: (see emergency procedures below)

  • Satellite phone: Cime Aventures offers rental
  • River map : for sale at Cime Aventures

Emergency procedures:

Cime Aventures’s liability in your self-guided expedition is limited to the shuttle and/or rental of equipment as well as a pre-trip evaluation of the skills and equipment of the participants in relation to the difficulty of the trip.

In case of an emergency during your self-guided expedition, the local authorities are in charge of a potential search and/or rescue.

Cime Aventures strongly recommends having a means of communication (i.e. satellite phone) within your group in order to call for help.

Cime Aventures strongly recommends being insured for potential search and/or rescue expenses.

Cime Aventures will only do a follow-up with the guests who have rented equipment. If only the shuttle service was used, no follow-up is done.

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