You have your own boats and you are independent ! 

The shuttle service is for independent paddlers wishing to descend the Bonaventure River in one day with their own boat and transport.

Available daily from July 7th to August 22nd.


Launching pointArrivalDescription of the tripRoute to follow with your own vehicleSchedule
St-Alphonse’s Footbridge (km 27)Cime Aventures (km 9)4 to 5 hours trip

Class 1 and 2 rapids

Driving itinerary from Cime to the FootbridgeDeparture on the river from the footbridge between 9:00 and 11:30 in order to arrive at Cime Aventures on time.

Departure days to be confirmed

Departure of the Cime Aventures shuttle for the driver of your vehicle at 4:30 p.m.

Cime Aventures (km 9)Cime Aventures – Tracadièche (km 1)Trip of approximatively 2 h

No rapids

Driving itinerary from Cime Aventures to end point at km1.Departure on the river from Cime Aventures between 10:30 and 14:00 in order to arrive at Km 1 on time.

Available daily from July 17th to August 22nd.

The shuttle that will bring your driver back to your vehicle is non-stop between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. The other participants stay with the boats until your driver returns with the vehicle.

Your Autonomy in Steps :

  • You drive your group and your boats to the starting point you have chosen;
  • You leave your vehicle there and decide what to do with the car keys for the return;
  • You go down the river within the recommended timeframe to arrive in time at your exit point;
  • You adopt responsible and environmentally friendly practices during your trip;
  • You finish your river trip on time;
  • The driver for your group takes a shuttle back to your vehicle, while the rest of your group stays with your craft(s); 
  • Return to your vehicle at the footbridge launching point, or return from the Family Tour’s end point to the reception of Cime Aventures.

Prepare your trip :

  • You are fully autonomous on the river. The activity takes place in a natural environment with no cellular network available;
  • Do a self-assessment of your skills by clicking here en cliquant ici ;
  • Consult the charte du niveau de difficulté and safety measures according to the flow and the temperature of the water;
  • Remember to bring ropes and other equipment to secure your gear in your boat;
  • Be aware that the water level influences your experience on the river. The lower the river, the more obstacles there are to avoid. The river is considered low under 12 cubic meters per second on this trip. Click here to see the water level in real time  

Shuttle to the footbridge launching point (The Famous tour) :

  • By your own transportation and with your own craft, go to the launching point at the Passerelle; Consult the route to take with your vehicle.
  • Descent of the river in autonomy;
  • Meet at the reception at Cime Aventures no later than 4:15 P.M. ;
  • One member from your group takes the shuttle (previously reserved) to return to the launching point and bring your vehicle back;
  • Departure of the shuttle at 4:30 P.M.

Shuttle from the end point of the Family Tour (Tracadièche) :

  • With your own equipment, go to the dock at Cime Aventures with your own transportation;
  • Descent of the river in autonomy;
  • Meet at the arrival point of the Family Tour at km 1 no later than 3:45 P.M.
  • One member from your group takes the return shuttle (previously reserved) to come back to Cime Aventures.
  • With your own transportation, return to the point of arrival at Trachadièche to pick up your crafts. Consult the route to take with your vehicle 
  • Note: there is no parking at this location, only a 15-minute drop-off.

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